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First flight 1977

The AN-72 is a light short takeoff and landing jet transport airplane intended for operations on non-equipped air strips 600 m long. Powerful wing high-lift devices and improved thrust-to-weight ratio ensure the airplane’s short takeoff and landing capability. The engines installed above the wing upper surface provide lift augmentation at takeoff and landing owing to the wing and wing center section flaps upper surface blowing with the engine exhaust jets (Coanda effect). The AN-72 was serially manufactured at the Kharkiv Aircraft Manufacturing Company where 114 airplanes of this type were built between 1984 and 1992.


Main characteristics

Length (m) 28.07
Height (m) 8.65
Wing span (m) 31.89
Wing area (m²) 98.78

Flight characteristics

Cruise speed (km/h) 540
Operational range (km) 4320
Operational ceiling (m) 10100


16th – 27th of May 1974 joint decision is published by the Ministry of Aircraft Industry, the Air Force and the Ministry of Civil Aviation about launch of the development of the light military transport airplane.
12th of July 1976 publication of Enactment of the USSR Communist Party Central Committee and the USSR Council of Ministers No. 558-186 concerning development of the AN-72.
6th of May 1977 the first AN-72 aircraft prototype is rolled out of the assembly shop.
31st of August 1977 first flight of the AN-72 (Volodymyr Terskyi – captain, Sergii Gorbik – co-pilot, Аfanasii Kruts – flight engineer, Аnatolii Romaniuk – engineer/experiment operator).
4th of May 1979 the second AN-72 flying prototype flies for the first time.
June 1979 the AN-72 is demonstrated at the 33rd Paris Aerospace Show in Le Bourget.
22nd of December 1985 first flight of the first production AN-72 (serial number 01-01) in Kharkiv. Pilot in command: Volodymyr Tkachenko.
29th of November 1984 the AN-72P (patrol) is flown for the first time by the crew of test pilot Sergii Maksimov.
May 1987 production AN-72s begin entering service.


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