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Personnel is the biggest value and pride of ANTONOV COMPANY

The ANTONOV COMPANY invites the following highly qualified specialists to join its team of professionals

Throughout its history, the ANTONOV Company adheres to the principle expressed by the company's founder Oleg Antonov: "Our team is a large friendly family of different people united by the desire to create airplanes." Today we face a number of important tasks, first of all the resumption of large-scale serial production of airplanes including An-178 transport airplanes, An-148/An-158 regional passenger airplanes, the development of new Antonov family airplanes, which are needed both in Ukraine, and in other countries. This is a very responsible and very interesting job that requires high qualifications, selfless work and conscientious performance of our professional duties. A wide variety of activities in which your abilities can be embodied will allow you to realize yourself to a large extent as a specialist, build a career and achieve a high professional level, and make your contribution to maintaining the status of an aviation power for Ukraine. We can achieve the required results only by working together!

We propose:
Official job placement and stable wage payment
Various social benefits compensations and additional payments
Free medical service
Career development prospects and opportunities for advanced training and retraining
An opportunity to study at Kyiv Aviation Technical School and Zhukovskyi National Aerospace University (KhAI) Branch while on the job
Company kindergartens
Recreation centers
Health camps for the company employees’ children


Maintenance technician, category 4, category 5, category 6
Toolmaker, category 4, category 6
Maintenance technician in production and finishing of aircraft parts, category 3, category 4
Maintenance technician in production and repair of hydraulic hookups, category 3
Maintenance technician in machine assembly works, category 5
Metalworker/tester 4th grade, 6th grade
Electrical equipment maintenance fitter 5th grade
Electrician in service of lighting equipment of facility performance, category 4
Electrician in test and repair of electrical equipment, category 4
Electrician in repair and maintenance of electrical equipment, category 3, category 5, category 6
Electric welder (manual welding), category 5
Electric and gas welder, category 5
Test instrumentation and automatic equipment setup man 6th grade
Fire alarm electrician 4th grade
Communication equipment fitter/cableman 6th grade
Assembler-gluer of structures, category 3
Miller, category 4
Turner, category 4, category 6
Electrical erosion specialist, category 3
Etcher, category 4
Press and vulcanization operator, category 4
Glue boiling specialist, category 4
Chemical analysis laboratory assistant, category 5
Stamp operator (with lift hammer), category 4
Stamp operator, category 3
Blacksmith-Stamp operator, category 4
Non-metallic aerohydrodynamic model maker, category 5
Metallic aerohydrodynamic model maker, category 3
Gluer of rubber, polymer parts and products, category 3
Non-destructive testing inspector of radio-gammagraphy, category 6
Heat-treatment operator, category 5
Carpenter 4th grade, 6th grade
Bricklayer 5th grade
Painter 5th grade
Plasterer 5th grade
Locomotive driver, category 6
Loader driver, category 4
Vehicle driver, class 1
Loading workman / with electric-car driving/
Slinger, category 5
Workrooms cleaner
Working space cleaner
Industrial engineer
Industrial engineer, category 2
Industrial engineer, category 3
Electronic engineer, category 3
Shop foreman of production section
Maintenance foreman
Labor management and measurement engineer
Preproduction engineer
Preschool teacher
Assistant preschool teacher