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Personnel is the biggest value and pride of ANTONOV COMPANY

Antonov COMPANY teaches future aviation specialists

ANTONOV Company and National Aerospace University named after. M.Zhukovskiy "KhAI" jointly realizes a unique methodology of teaching specialists in the field of "Aircraft construction" using the best foreign practices. The overall course of study is organized on the basis of the ANTONOV Company with the further obtaining a bachelor's and master's degree in different specialties, including: designers and technologists of aircraft construction, specialists in the field of information technologies, designing and production of composite materials. School leavers and graduates of aviation technical highschool, working on the basis of the Antonov Company, as well as employees of the company, will be able to study on this basis. Thus, ANTONOV Company is working for the future, ensuring development of the enterprise by teaching young professionals who have been focused on their future workplace since the first day of study. Technical disciplines are taught by scientists, true experts of their specialties, who have many years of practical experience at ANTONOV Company. At the same time, the lectures are based not on theoretical material only, but also informs about innovative technologies used in modern aircraft construction. Practical and laboratory classes are mostly conducted in laboratory and departments of ANTONOV Company, involving the students in production processes at the enterprise. NASU "KhAI" and ANTONOV Company have many years of effective interaction. Majority of the ANTONOV Company’s designers were graduated from the "KhAI". This tradition was initiated by Oleg Antonov and continued by his successor Petro Balabuyev, who headed the department of "KhAI" and invited the most capable students to work at our enterprise. In 1997, Antonov Company opened a branch of "KhAI". Students of high courses were involved in the ANTONOV programs, including development of the AN-148/AN-158 passenger jets family, the newest AN-178 and AN-132 transport aircraft.

The ANTONOV COMPANY invites the following highly qualified specialists to join its team of professionals

We propose:
Official job placement and stable wage payment
Various social benefits compensations and additional payments
Free medical service
Career development prospects and opportunities for advanced training and retraining
An opportunity to study at Kyiv Aviation Technical School and Zhukovskyi National Aerospace University (KhAI) Branch while on the job
Company kindergartens
Recreation centers
Health camps for the company employees’ children


Maintenance technician, category 4, category 5, category 6
Toolmaker, category 4, category 6
Maintenance technician in production and finishing of aircraft parts, category 3, category 4
Plumber, category 4
Maintenance technician in production and repair of hydraulic hookups, category 3
Maintenance technician in machine assembly works, category 5
Metalworker/tester 4th grade, 6th grade
Electrical equipment maintenance fitter 5th grade
Electrician in service of lighting equipment of facility performance, category 4
Electrician in test and repair of electrical equipment, category 4
Electrician in repair and maintenance of electrical equipment, category 3, category 5, category 6
Electric welder (manual welding), category 5
Electric and gas welder, category 5
Налагоджувальник контрольно-вимірювальних приладів та автоматики 6р. Test instrumentation and automatic equipment setup man 6th grade
Fire alarm electrician 4th grade
Communication equipment fitter/cableman 6th grade
Assembler-gluer of structures, category 3
Miller, category 4
Turner, category 4, category 6
Electrical erosion specialist, category 3
Etcher, category 4
Press and vulcanization operator, category 4
Glue boiling specialist, category 4
Chemical analysis laboratory assistant, category 5
Stamp operator (with lift hammer), category 4
Stamp operator, category 3
Blacksmith-Stamp operator, category 4
Non-metallic aerohydrodynamic model maker, category 5
Metallic aerohydrodynamic model maker, category 3
Gluer of rubber, polymer parts and products, category 3
Non-destructive testing inspector of radio-gammagraphy, category 6
Heat-treatment operator, category 5
Carpenter 4th grade, 6th grade
Bricklayer 5th grade
Painter 5th grade
Plasterer 5th grade
Locomotive driver, category 6
Loader driver, category 4
Vehicle driver, class 1
Loading workman / with electric-car driving
Такелажник 5р. Slinger, category 5
Workrooms cleaner
Working space cleaner
Industrial engineer
Industrial engineer, category 2
Industrial engineer, category 3
Electronic engineer, category 3
Shop foreman of production section
Maintenance foreman
Інженер з організації та нормування праці Labor management and measurement engineer
Preproduction engineer
Preschool teacher
Assistant preschool teacher
Commercial Executive


  • English level – ADVANCED
  • Higher education
  • Airline experience
  • Sales and negotiation experience
  • Knowledge of business etiquette
  • Willingness to work in non-operational work schedule
  • Ability to work in stressful situations
  • Teamwork skills
  • Promotion of cargo transportation services by AN-225, AN-124, AN-22 aircraft
  • Air transport market monitoring
  • Acceptance, processing and analysis of incoming applications
  • Calculation of cost of the requested air transportation
  • Preparation of commercial offers according to the customer’s requests
  • Negotiation with customers
  • Contract management including analysis of figures of the completed and planned works in order to improve efficiency of the activities.
  • Conditions:
  • The company’s office is located in the Kyiv region, Gostomel town, 1 Avtodorozhnaya Str., Kyiv-Antonov-2 Airport
  • Official employment, salary, social benefits, including paid leave

Work schedule:

8 hours / 5 days a week with overtime work if necessary, keeping in touch with the team 24/7

Respond to the vacancy
Operational Executive


  • Higher aviation education (specialist / master), preferably graduates of the National Aviation University (NAU) and NAU flight academy;
  • Age 23-45 years;
  • Experience in aviation from 1 year;
  • Level of English - Upper-Intermediate and higher;
  • Ability to work with Jeppesen aeronautical information and country AIP;
  • Main knowledges of the aircraft design;
  • Good communication and teamwork skills;
  • Skills of an experienced PC user;
  • Ability to work in stressful situations;
  • Knowledge of the programs:
  • • SITA, JEPPESEN JETPLANNER and other flight planning programs;
  • • the basics of working in the Eurocontrol Network Operational Portal (NOP);
  • • AFTN;
  • • Calculation and control of take-off and landing characteristics.
  • Preparation, provision and support of charter flights;
  • Request / obtaining permits for flight / landing of the aircraft;
  • Request for slots at the airport of departure / landing;
  • Hotel reservation;
  • Request for refueling at the departure / landing airport;
  • Preparation of pre-flight documentation for the crew (OFP, weather data, NOTAM) in the flight planning system;
  • Calculation of an optimal operational flight plan (OFP) in accordance with all regulatory documents and restrictions;
  • Calculation and control of take-off and landing characteristics;
  • Planning and flight support in EUROCONTROL airspace;
  • Analysis of METAR / TAF / NOTAM and weather conditions along the flight route;
  • Compilation and submission of FPL to the ATS / ATC;
  • Solving operational issues that arise during the organization, provision and execution of flights with airport services.
  • Conditions:
  • The company’s office is located in the Kyiv region, Gostomel, 1 Avtodorozhnaya St., Kyiv-Antonov-2 Airport
  • Official employment, salary, social benefits, including paid leave

Work schedule:

from 9 a.m. to 9p.m., 12 hours / 4 work / 4 days off per week with overtime work if necessary, keeping in touch with the team 24/7

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PIC category pilot


  • PIC qualifications;
  • ATPL Flight Certificate;
  • Age of 35-40 years;
  • The experience of piloting of heavy aircraft AN-124-100, A350, B767, B777, B787, B737;
  • English level – ICAO-5
  • Piloting of AN-124-100 ‘Ruslan’, AN-26, AN-74
  • Conditions:
  • Charter flights
  • Official employment, salary, social benefits, including paid leave
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