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Stol light multipurpose aircraft

First flight 1958

The АN-14 aircraft first flew on the 14th of March 1958. The aircraft was piloted by Volodymyr Izgeim. The AN-14 light multipurpose aircraft was designed to carry passengers and cargoes on local air routes (7 passengers or 760 kg of cargo). The aircraft could fly from small unpaved, sand, pebble and snow-covered airfields. The aircraft had high structural reliability and flight safety in case of one engine failure. From 1965 to 1971, the aircraft was serially produced at the aircraft Arseniev manufacturing plant. As a total, 332 aircraft were manufactured.


Main characteristics

Length (m) 11.36
Height (m) 4.63
Wing span (m) 22.06
Wing area (m) 39.72

Flight characteristics

Cruise speed (km/h) 155
Operational range (km) 820
Operational ceiling (m) 5000


In 1951 preliminary design of a short takeoff and landing (STOL) aircraft was developed in Novosibirsk under the code name “partisan”.
24th of May 1956 Enactment of the USSR Council of Ministers No. 703- 404 on the development and manufacturing of the AN-14 STOL aircraft was published.
14th of March 1958 test pilot of the Ministry of Aviation Industry Flight Test Institute Volodymyr Izgeim carried out the first flight of the first AN-14 flying prototype.
March 1958 - December 1960 factory flight tests. Chief test pilots: Yurii Kurlin and Volodymyr Kalinin; leading test engineers: Yurii Kirzhner and Anatolii Bulanenko.
In July-August 1959 test pilot Yurii Kurlin made flights in the Kyiv region on the AN-14 aircraft having made 68 landings on the areas selected from the air in fields, meadows and near inhabited localities.
7th of January 1960 the AN-14A made its first flight in Kyiv (test pilot Volodymyr Kalinin, test flight engineer Yurii Kirzhner). Pilot Volodymyr Kalinin, with support of the staff of the Smena magazine, made an advertising and promotional flight on the AN-14A aircraft for a distance of 10,627 km on the following route: Kyiv – Dnepropetrovsk (Dnipro) – Zhdanov (Mariupol) – Rostov-on-Don – Krasnodar – Tbilisi – Makhachkala – Baku – Astrakhan – Aktiubinsk – Kostanay – Cheliabinsk – Sverdlovsk – Syktyvkar – Arkhangelsk – Petrozavodsk – Leningrad – Tartu – Riga – Vilnius – Minsk – Moscow – Briansk – Kyiv (53 takeoffs and landings were made including 14 ones on unequipped areas selected from the air).
8th of May 1963 Enactment of the USSR Council of Ministers No. 514-179 regarding introduction of the AN-14 into serial production at the aircraft manufacturing plant in Arseniev (Primorsky Krai) was published.
3rd of May 1965 the first production AN-14A aircraft (test pilot Volodymyr Kalinin, test flight engineer Valerii Mareiev) manufactured at the Arseniev manufacturing plant (director N.I. Sazykin) flew for the first time. As a total, 332 aircraft were manufactured during the years of serial production (1965-1972).
In 1965 first 19 AN-14s were transferred to the Air Force (as a total, 302 airplanes were delivered).
In 1966 the AN-14 was delivered to a foreign operator (Yugoslavia) for the first time. As a total, 23 aircraft were exported: Bulgaria – 11, Germany – 4, Guinea – 4, Mongolia – 2 and Yugoslavia – 1.
20th of October 1970 the AN-714 aircraft (a hovercraft, modification of the AN-14) flown by test pilot Volodymyr Kalinin made its first flight in Kuibyshev (now Samara).
21st of January 1983 the AN-14Sh flying testbed (for testing the structure of the air cushion landing gear) made its maiden flight in Gostomel (test pilot Volodymyr Lysenko, test flight engineer Valerii Mareiev).


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