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First flight 1965

The AN-22 airplane made its first flight on the 27th of February 1965. The crew was headed by test pilot Yurii Kurlin. Owing to high flight performance and the ability to operate from unpaved runways, the AN-22 found wide application in the USSR national economy for delivering large-size cargoes and equipment to remote and hard-to-reach areas. Large cargo capacity and range, engine fuel efficiency and self-sufficiency ensured high profitability of operation. The AN-22 was serially built at the Tashkent Aviation Plant in Uzbekistan. A total of 66 airplanes were manufactured from 1965 to 1976. Since 1980, Antei had been using for transportation of oversized components for construction of the AN-124 Ruslan and AN-225 Mriya. The wing center section of the AN-124 Ruslan heavy transport airplane was manufactured at aviation plant in Tashkent. To deliver the aggregate to ANTONOV Company (that time - Aeronautical Scientific and Technical Complex named after O.K.Antonov) it was mounted on top of the AN-22 fuselage. The aggregate travelled on Antei’s back from Tashkent to Kyiv, the place of AN-124 final assembly. Then the outer wing panel was delivered in the same way. Antei made more than 100 flights for transportation of wings for Ruslan airplanes. In 1987, the wing center section and outer wing panels for the AN-225 Mriya, the world’s largest super-heavy aircraft, were also transported. In 1997, AN-22 delivered the wing for AN-140 from Kharkiv to Kyiv, and in 2004, the wing for AN-148 airplane manufactured at ANTONOV Company was delivered on the same route.


Main characteristics

Length (m) 57.84
Height (m) 12.54
Wing span (m) 64.40
Wing area (m) 345

Flight characteristics

Cruise speed (km/h) 580
Operational range (km) 5225
Operational ceiling (m) 9100


13th of October 1960 Enactment of the USSR Communist Party Central Committee and the USSR Council of Ministers No. 1117-465 dated October 13, 1960 concerning development of a military transport airplane designated the Model 100 was published.
18th of August 1964 the prototype, aircraft number 01-01 (USSR-46191), was transferred for flight tests.
10th of June 1965 the Ministry of Aviation Industry issued Order No. 119 concerning commencement of An-22 series production in the city of Tashkent at the Valerii Chkalov Aviation Production Association.
27th of February 1965 the AN-22 Antei performed its first flight. The crew consisted of: Yurii Kurlin – captain, Volodymyr Terskii – co-pilot, Petro Koshkin – test navigator, Volodymyr Vorotnikov – test flight engineer, Mykola Drobyshev – test radio operator, Mykhaylo Rachenko – test flight electrician, Viktor Shatalov – leading test engineer, Oleksandr Eskin – engineer/experiment operator).
15th of June 1965 the AN-22 airplane arrived to Le Bourget to participate in the 26th International Paris Air Show.
16th of November 1965 the first production AN-22 airplane No. 01-03 (USSR-56391) was rolled out.
27th of January 1966 the first production aircraft made its first flight controlled by the crew of Yurii Kurlin.
22nd of July 1966 test pilot Yurii Kurlin was awarded with title of the Hero of the Soviet Union for great achievements during tests of the AN-22 airplane.
27th of October 1966 12 world records were set on the AN-22 airplane. Among them: the crew of test pilot Ivan Davydov lifted 88,103 tons of cargo to an altitude of 6,600 m on the AN-22 airplane No. 01-03.
17th of October 1967 an absolute world record was set on the AN-22 aircraft: the cargo weighing 100,444.6 kg was lifted to an altitude of 7,848 m. A total of 41 world records in speed and carrying capacity were set on Antei.


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