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First flight 1976

The AN-32 multipurpose transport airplane was developed under order of the Indian Air Force on the basis of the AN-26 aircraft and differs from the latter in more powerful engines, enhanced wing high-lift devices and roller track equipment installed in the airplane. The AN-32 can be operated at high-altitude airfields (up to 4500 m above sea level) and in a hot climate. The airplane was serially manufactured at the Kyiv Aviation Plant from 1982 to 1996 (358 airplanes).


Main characteristics

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New property 8,75
New property 29,20
New property 74,98

Flight characteristics

New property 460
New property 800
New property 8000


16th of June 1975 the Order of the Ministry of Aviation Industry of the USSR concerning development of the airplane for high-level airfields was published.
9th of July 1976 the AN-32 performed maiden flight. The airplane was flown by the crew including: Volodymyr Tkachenko – captain, Yurii Kurlin – co-pilot, Grigorii Gumeniuk – navigator, Mykhaylo Troshin – flight engineer, Vitalii Yaskov – radio operator and Anatolii Zagumennyi – leading flight test engineer.
6th of November – 13th of December 1976 the AN-32 airplane was demonstrated in India for the first time.
30th of December 1980 the Council of Ministers of the USSR issued Order No. 2743-RS regarding development and manufacturing of the AN-32 airplane for export deliveries to the Indian Air Force (118 airplanes).
In October 1982 the first AN-32 preproduction airplane (S/N 001) was rolled out of the Kyiv Aircraft Production Association (KyAPA) assembly shop.
In January 1983 the Air Force Commander in Chief issued Order No. 41 as to the carrying out of AN-32 test flights both in the USSR and in India.
17th of February 1983 joint AN-32 Official Airplane Tests started.
In October – November 1985 14 world records of flight altitude with various cargoes were set on the АN-32.
In 1986 production of AN-32 airplanes for Afghanistan was launched (a total of 75 airplanes were assembled).
11th of May 1987 the State Committee of the Council of Ministers of the USSR for military and industrial issues adopted Resolution No. 266 regarding AN-32 modification and assignment of AN-32B designation to the new version.
16th of February 1993 the AN-32P fire fighting airplane performed maiden flight. The AN-32P was flown by the crew including: Anatolii Slobodeniuk – captain, Volodymyr Terskiy – co-pilot.
In 1995 the AN-32B obtained the Type Certificate for Restricted Category Aircraft No. 79-32B issued by the IAC Aviation Register.


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