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АТ «АНТОНОВ» є розробником, утримувачем Сертифікатів типу та організацією, яка має право на встановлення ресурсів, термінів служби та допуску літаків «Ан» до відпрацювання чергового етапу ресурсів та термінів служби

The ANTONOV Company is a designer, Type Certificate holder and the organization authorized to determine the Antonov airplanes service lives/service time limits and to approve the airplanes operation until expiry of the currently assigned stage of service life/service time. The assigned service lives/service time limits of the civilian Antonov airplanes are contained in the Instructions for Continued Airworthiness, Maintenance Manuals and Service Bulletins for the Antonov aircraft types. The Decisions issued by ANTONOV Company serve as the basis for issuance (renewal) of the Airworthiness Certificates for all civilian Antonov aircraft. Operation of the Antonov aircraft without proper ANTONOV Company’s Decision is unsafe, and in such a case, ANTONOV is unable to guarantee the aircraft’s safe operation. Taking into consideration occurrences of violation of the procedure of the Antonov airplane clearance for serving out their currently assigned stage of service life/service time by some operators, in September 2016 ANTONOV Company launched a system of issuance of the company Decisions on the dedicated secure numbered letter-heads. Current information about the Antonov airplanes cleared for serving out their regular assigned stages of service life/service time can be found on the ANTONOV Company’s specialized web-portal of the Customers’ support.


In case of questions regarding access of Antonov airplanes for serving out their regular assigned stages of service life/service time, or in case of any doubts regarding legitimacy of any сertain Decisions concerning the Antonov airplanes, please, contact the ANTONOV Company by:

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Contact person Volodymyr Laishev, Deputy General Director, Marketing and Customer Support