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First flight 1985

The AN-71 aircraft was developed for accomplishment of the tactical missions related to early radar detection, tracking and guidance. It was created on the basis of the AN-72 transport airplane, whose aerodynamic configuration was modified to assure optimal conditions for operation of EWS system radar antennas. Principal characteristic feature of the AN-71 is a large disc-shaped rotating radome on the vertical tail tip. The carrier aircraft and the EWS system together made up the airborne early warning and control system. Prime contractor for the aircraft development was Kyiv Mechanical Works facility and for the EWS system – VEGA Association of Moscow. In addition to the military application, the AN-71 could also be used as a data retransmitter for air traffic control in the remote regions. A total of two AN-71 flying prototypes were built. Their testing demonstrated a capability to improve combat effectiveness of fighter aviation 2.5 to 3 times. After 1990, the program was frozen and later shut down in view of the lack of governmental funding; it was never reopened.


Main characteristics

Length (m) 23.5
Height (m) 9.2
Wing span (m) 31.89
Wing area (m²) 98.6

Flight characteristics

Cruise speed (km/h) 530
New property 4.5-5
New property 10800


1982 publication of the Governmental Resolution regarding development of a tactical AEW aircraft by Kyiv Mechanical Works facility and launch of the R&D activities on the program.
1983 Requirements Specifications for the AN-71 AEW aircraft based on the AN-72 are approved and detailed design commences.
9th of January 1984 USSR Cabinet of Ministers issues an Ordinance about development of the AN-71 airborne early warning aircraft.
23rd of June 1985 the first flying AN-71 prototype (A/C No. 01) is rolled out of the assembly shop.
12th of July 1985 the AN-71 prototype (A/C No. 01) makes its first flight (Oleksandr Tkachenko – captain, Sergii Gorbik – co-pilot, Vitalii Petrenko – test flight engineer, Ivan Radautsan – engineer/experiment operator).
19th of February 1986 second AN-71 flying prototype (A/C No. 03) is rolled out of the assembly shop.
28th of February 1986 first flight of the second AN-71 flying prototype (A/C No.03) (Volodymyr Lysenko – captain, Oleksandr Tkachenko – co-pilot, Yurii Dmitriyev – test flight engineer, Mykhaylo Bereziuk – engineer/experiment operator).
May 1986 start of flight testing of the EWS system prototype based on the AN-71 (A/C No. 01).
1990 the AN-71 AWACS aircraft program is suspended.


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