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First flight 1957

The АN-10 is the first domestic passenger turboprop airplane for transportation of 100 passengers. On the 7th of March 1957, the crew headed by test pilot Yakov Vernikov performed the first flight of the AN-10 UKRAINA airplane. High takeoff and landing performance and capability to be operated on unpaved runways made it possible to operate the airplane on routes where other airplanes of such category could not be operated. In the 1960s, the АN-10 was one of the main passenger airplanes operated on Aeroflot airlines.


Main characteristics

Length (m) 34.00
Height (m) 10.35
Wing span (m) 38.00
Wing area (m) 121.73

Flight characteristics

Cruise speed (km/h) 600-650
Operational range (km) 3000
Operational ceiling (m) 10300


30th of November 1955 Enactment of the USSR Council of Ministers No. 1956-1055 concerning construction of a four-engine passenger airplane under the designation “Product U” (universal) was published.
9th of December 1955 the Ministry of Aviation Industry Order No. 766 regarding development of the AN-10 airplane was published.
7th of March 1957 the AN-10 UKRAINA made its first flight. Crew: Yakov Vernikov – captain, Volodym Shevchenko – co-pilot, Petro Koshkin – navigator, Mykhaylo Frolov – radio operator, Anatolii Kalinichin – flight engineer, I. Yevtushenko – flight electrician, Oleksandr Eskin – leading flight test engineer.
In July 1958 the AN-10 airplane was awarded a diploma and a gold medal at the Brussels World’s Fair (Belgium).
21st of July 1959 the АN-10 (crew of P. Makarov) made the first regular flight with passengers on the Kyiv – Moscow route.
29th of April 1961 the AN-10 set a speed record on the 500-km closed route – 530.6 km/h (crew captain Oleksandr Mitronin).
In 1960 for the first time in the history of the Arctic development, the AN-10 landed seven times on the ice platforms of the North Pole-8 and North Pole-9 drifting stations.
1st of June 1962 the AN-10 airplane flying from Syktyvkar to Moscow carried the millionth passenger (Y.F. Krivoshlyk, nurse of the Kyiv Institute of Neurosurgery).
7th of April 1969 the 25-millionth passenger was carried (Y.I. Yevdokimov, engineer at the Lvov Electronic Medical Equipment Plant).


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