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First flight 2015

The AN-178 is a current-technology cargo airplane intended to perform civil and military missions. The airplane is capable of carrying 90 soldiers or 70 paratroopers, or, alternatively, 48 casualties on stretchers and 20 casualties on seats accompanied by four medical attendants. The cargo compartment equipment enables air dropping of assault teams, vehicles, cargoes and maintenance equipment. The AN-178 can perform scheduled or charter flights delivering cargoes, vehicles and equipment for civilian purposes, 6-meter ISO containers, and IATA pallets.


Main characteristics

Length (m) 32.23
Height (m) 9.57
Wing span (m) 30.57

Flight characteristics

Cruise speed (km/h) 825
Operational range (km) 5300
Operational ceiling (m) 12200


16th of April 2015 the AN-178 transport airplane leaves the assembly shop in a rollout ceremony.
7th of May 2015 first flight of the AN-178 (captain – А.V. Spasibo, co-pilot – S.M. Troshyn, leading test flight engineer – N.V. Sydorenko).
7th of May 2015 a contract is signed with Silk Way Airlines of Azerbaijan for delivery of ten AN-178 airplanes.
7th of May 2015 an agreement on the acquisition of the AN-178 and cooperation in joint serial production of the airplanes in the PRC is signed between the ANTONOV Company and Beijing A-Star Science & Technology Company.
June 2015 the AN-178 is presented at the International Aerospace Show in Le Bourget.
8th – 12th of November 2015 the AN-178 takes part in the display of aerospace equipment at Dubai Airshow-2015 in the United Arab Emirates.
17th of December 2015 the ANTONOV Company and Taqnia Aeronautics Company (the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) sign the Memorandum of Understanding confirming the parties’ intentions to deliver thirty AN-178 multipurpose airplanes for the Royal Saudi Air Forces.
29th of December 2015 rollout of the fuselage of the second AN-178 aircraft prototype.
5th of February 2016 flight testing begins at the Hostomel facility of the new D-436-148FM bypass turbojet engine intended for installation on the AN-178 medium transport airplane.
1st – 4th of June 2016 the AN-178 is presented at the ILA-2016 International Berlin Air Show.
11th of June 2016 Farnborough-2016 International Aerospace Show opens in the suburb of London (UK) where the AN-178 is demonstrated with success.
24th of August 2018 the AN-178 for the first time takes part in the air parade on the occasion of the Ukraine Independence Day.


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