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First flight 2004

Airplanes of the AN-148 are intended for passenger, mixed cargo-passenger and cargo transport operations on regional and short-range air lines. The AN-148 feature a high-wing monoplane configuration with two engines arranged under the wing. Such configuration improves protection of the engines and wing structure against damage and makes it possible to operate the aircraft on poorly-equipped aerodromes. The airplanes ensure a high level of cost efficiency, a wide range of functional capabilities, and a modern level of engineering and operational perfection.


Main characteristics

Length (m) 29.13
Height (m) 8.20
Wing span (m) 28.91
Wing area (m²) 87.32

Flight characteristics

Cruise speed (km/h) 800-870
Operational range (km) 3500
Operational ceiling (m) 12200


3rd of October 2000 Ministry of the Industrial Policy of Ukraine issues the Order to launch development of the new-generation AN-148 regional passenger turbojet airplane.
September 2004 a pentalateral agreement is signed between ANTONOV ASTC, serial manufacturing facilities in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Voronezh, and the Russian leasing company – Ilyushin Finance Co – “On Cooperation during Development, Co-Operative Serial Production, Sales and Engineering In-Service Support of Operations of the AN-148”.
15th of October 2004 the AN-148 leaves the final assembly shop in the rollout ceremony.
17th of December 2004 first flight of the AN-148 (pilot in command – Yevgenii Galunenko, co-pilot – Sergii Troshin, leading flight test engineer – Oleksandr Makiyan).
2005 Antonov Company and VASO sign the licensing agreement on the transfer to the Voronezh facility of the rights to use the trademark, technical documentation and to manufacture the AN-148.
19th of April 2005 first flight of the second AN-148 prototype.
18th of June 2007 the AN-148 demonstrates its impressive flight performance in the sky of France at the 47th International Aerospace Show at Le Bourget.
26th of February 2007 AN-148 received Type Certificate.
27th of June 2008 two contracts are signed in the framework of Voronezh Investment Forum between Antonov Company, United Aircraft Corporation JSC and Ilyushin Finance Co. leasing company for delivery of the AN-148 new generation regional passenger airplanes.
3rd of July 2008 Antonov ASTC completes re-equipment of the first AN-148-100 new generation regional passenger airplane for delivery to the Ukrainian customer – Lizingtekhtrans state leasing company.
28th – 31st of October 2008 the AN-148-100 is demonstrated at Iran Kish Air Show 2008 – an international air show held on Kish Island in the Persian Gulf .
2nd of June 2009 the AN-148 owned by AeroSvit Airlines made the first commercial flight delivering passengers from Kharkiv to Kyiv.
11th of June 2009 the first production AN-148 manufactured by Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Joint Stock Company (VASO) is rolled out of the assembly shop (the aircraft has manufacturer’s serial number 40-03 (02-01)).
19th of July 2009 the first AN-148 assembled at the Voronezh facility makes it first flight. The flight lasted 41 minutes. Crew: S.M. Troshin (Antonov ASTC), G. Ryabov (VASO).
26th of September 2009 Antonov ASTC launches development of a new airplane – the AN-158, a modification of the AN-148.
1st of October 2009 the first production AN-148-100 aircraft manufactured by Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Joint Stock Company is delivered to Rossia State Airlines at the hand-over ceremony held at the manufacturing facility.
13th of December 2009 the AN-148 operating under the colors of AeroSvit Airlines makes its first international commercial flight on Odessa – Moscow – Odessa route (pilot in command – Volodymyr Mosin).
24th of December 2009 the AN-148 operated by Rossia State Airlines makes its first commercial flight with passengers from Pulkovo airport (St. Petersburg ) to Domodedovo airport (Moscow).
28th of March 2010 the first production AN-148-100В (S/N 01-09) is delivered to service with the Ukrainian AeroSvit Airlines.
End of 2011 the AN-148 airplanes have transported about 700000 passengers and made over 19300 flights to 50 airports in 25 countries worldwide.
15th of November 2012 the AN-148 regional passenger jet is presented at the airport of Hanoi (Vietnam).
5th of February 2013 first flight of the AN-148ЕМ manufactured by Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Joint Stock Company.
February 2013 the first AN-148 is delivered to Air Koryo Airlines of the North Korea.
28th of March 2013 the AN-148 is issued Supplement to Type Certificate by the IAC Aviation Register for the new aircraft model – the AN-148ЕМ.


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