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First flight 2010

The AN-158 (AN-148-200) is a further development of the AN-148 aircraft and is intended for transportation of 99 passengers over a distance of 1500–4500 km. The airplane can be delivered in different layout configuration versions: economy class for 99 passengers, business class + economy class for 86 passengers.


Main characteristics

Length (m) 31.63
Height (m) 8.20
Wing span (m) 28.91
Wing area (m²) 87.32

Flight characteristics

Cruise speed (km/h) 800-870
Operational range (km) 3500
Operational ceiling (m) 3100


26th of September 2009 Antonov ASTC launches development of a new airplane – the AN-158, a modification of the AN-148.
15th of April 2010 the AN-158 leaves the final assembly shop in a roll-out ceremony.
28th of April 2010 first flight of the AN-158 (Sergii Troshin – pilot in command, Andrii Spasibo – co-pilot, Mykola Sidorenko – leading test engineer).
16th of July 2010 the AN-158 flies over to UK to take part in the 47th international aerospace show: Farnborough International Airshow 2010 .
February 2011 ANTONOV Company is issued a type certificate for the new AN-158 airplane.
20th of March 2013 the first production AN-158 (S/N 201-01) takes off from the factory aerodrome in the Sviatoshyn region. The aircraft was flown by the crew consisting of: Sergii Troshin (captain), Аndrii Gorin (co-pilot), Mykola Sidorenko (leading flight test engineer) and S.P. Darich (assistant leading aircraft project engineer).
22nd of April 2013 the first AN-158 is delivered to Cubana de Aviaçion of Cuba.
June 2013 the AN-158 presentation at the aerospace show in Le Bourget, a suburb of Paris.
27th of August – 1st of September 2013 the AN-158 takes part in the MAKS-2013 11th International Aerospace Show .
4th of April 2014 the fourth production AN-158 (S/N 201-04) makes its first test flight; this airplane, as well as the three previous AN-158s was intended for delivery to Cubana de Aviaçion (Cuba).
14th of July 2014 first test flight of the fifth production AN-158 (S/N 201-05) intended for delivery to Cubana de Aviaçion (Cuba).


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