Antonov Company
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Within a review visit in the field of airworthiness to Ukraine representatives of EASA came to ANTONOV Company

In the end of October 2019, representatives of EASA performed a review visit to the State Aviation Authority of Ukraine (SAAU) under the SAAU-EASA airworthiness convergence project.

During this visit, EASA and SAAU specialists came to ANTONOV Company, the leading enterprise of the Ukrainian aircraft industry, airplanes designer and manufacturer. Specialists of EASA were familiarized in details with procedures of the project management and the Antonov aircraft production. Besides, representatives of EASA visited Kyiv-Antonov-2 airport, found out more about activity of ANTONOV Flight Test and Development Base and had a look at new AN-178 transport aircraft.

EASA specialists noted positive dynamic of consideration and implementation of European requirements in the field of airworthiness in certification procedures of ANTONOV Company.

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