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ANTONOV Company does not take part in creation of new aircraft developed by Ilyushin Design Bureau

According to message of INTERFAX.RU, since 2017 Ilyushin Design Bureau has been developing deep modification of superheavy military transport on the basis of AN-124-100 Ruslan to be designated as AN-124-100M.

Taking into account active development of technologies of the global aircraft industry, the new modifications and versions of the aircraft being in successful operation are created. Besides, such measures are necessary to provide compliance of the modern aircraft with current and perspective rules and requirements. At that, as usual, the designers use an aircraft developed by them as a basis for such upgrade. For example, Il-76MF is a deep modification of Il-76.

Nevertheless, the news agency informs, that Ilyushin Design Bureau choose AN-124-100 Ruslan as a basic model. The message’s author is correct mentioning that this aircraft was created by ANTONOV Company. According to the international rules, ANTONOV has a status of this airplane’s designer as a holder of the AN-124-100 Ruslan Type certificate.

ANTONOV Company’s specialists do not disavow technical possibility to perform deep modification of AN-124-100 Ruslan. But selection and installation of new equipment by Ilyushin Design Bureau will lead to key changes of the aircraft performance in comparison to the basic model. So, a new aircraft will appear in the aviation history. That is why it needs a new designation without reference to “AN”, because ANTONOV Company does not take part in development of this new airplane and will not responsible for its safety.

It is necessary to take into account that within a period from 2004 to 2007 ANTONOV Company has developed and received certificates for three modifications of Ruslan. Ones of them was designated as AN-124-100M. Two other variants AN-124-100-150 and AN-124-100M-150 differ from the basic model with payload increased up to 150 t and possibility to transport single items weighting up to 120 t.

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