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30 years of Antonov Airlines

On May 31, the Antonov Company celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Antonov Airlines foundation. The company's aircraft call sign "ADB" (Antonov Design Bureau) sounds over the planet.

For 30 years, the airline performed 15340 charter flights, carried 822471 tons of cargo. The air fleet reached 162730 flight hours. Antonov Airlines has perfomed delivery of the heaviest commercial cargo weighing more than 253 tons; the heaviest cargo single item weighing 187, 6 tons; the longest cargo of 42.1 m.

As a whole, ANTONOV's giants set 270 world records.

Today Antonov Airlines is:

  • - a team of high-skilled specialists;
  • - air fleet of giant aircraft AN-22 Antei, AN-124-100 Ruslan, AN-225 Mriya, light transports AN-26, AN-74T and AN-28;
  • - landing at more than 800 aerodromes of the world;
  • - transportation of overheavy, large-size, non-standard cargoes worldwide.

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