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Ministry of Internal Affair of Ukraine and ANTONOV Company signed Memorandum about intension of bilateral cooperation

On October 8, 2019, during International exhibition “Arms and Security”, at booth of Ukroboronprom SC, Arsen Avakov, Мinister of Internal Affair of Ukraine, and Oleksandr Donets, President of ANTONOV Company, signed Memorandum about intension of bilateral cooperation.

This document confirms mutual interest of the parties in provision of common aviation system of security and civil protection with more than 13 AN-178 multipurpose transports to properly perform tasks of Ministry of Internal Affair of Ukraine, National Guard of Ukraine and central executive authorities whose activity is controlled by Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine through Мinister of Internal Affair of Ukraine. In particular, they will be used in rescue operations, liquidation of consequences of wrecks, catastrophes, natural disasters and other dangerous events.

AN-178 created on the basis of ANTONOV Company’s vast experience in design of transport aircraft in combination with the most innovative world technologies is further development of the family of AN-148/AN-158 regional jets of different intensions. AN-178 was designed taking into consideration requirements of both civil airlines and military aircraft operators. The airplane can carry various cargoes weighting up to 15 t, 90 soldiers, 80 paratroopers, 40 wounded persons on the stretches and 30 ones on the seats accompanied by four medical specialists as well as airdrop personnel, vehicles and cargoes.

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