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ANTONOV Company is headed by Oleksandr Los

According to SC Ukroboronprom’s order No.63-k dated July 7, 2020, Oleksandr Los was appointed as President of ANTONOV Company. His professional experience is connected with ANTONOV Company. Before he served as Vise President on Design (Head of Design Organozation).

On the occasion of the new head appointment the session of Science and Technical Council of ANTONOV Company with participation of representatives of Ukroboronprom SC was held. Roman Bondar, Deputy Director General for Transformation of Ukroboronprom SC, specified: “We always keep in mind that ANTONOV is a unique enterprise to be headed by ANTONOV’s specialists who know aircraft industry’s specificity, appreciate historical heritage and understand further directions of development. It was necessary to find a specialist who would lead the Company through the transformation proccesses planned for all the enterprises of the field. Appointment of Oleksandr Los bacame a certain symbol of hope for revival of the aircraft industry. ANTONOV is a key company in the programme of aviation field development in Ukraine as a whole. Its main task is design, construction and test of the aircraft. Resumption of this work is assigned to Oleksandr Los. Nowadays, ANTONOV’s President position needs merger of experience of the aircraft designer and manager. We are waiting for plans and proposals on the enterprise development from ANTONOV’s team”. On behalf of Ukroboronprom as the state control structure Roman Bondar has affirmed participants of the session that the strategic decisions concerining reforms of ANTONOV will be taken in the interests and together with the Company’s team.

In his turn Oleksandr Los said: “this appointment is a high honour and responsibility for future of the enterprise and its team”. He expressed hope for clear and effective further development of the company.

The following advanced directions of ANTONOV Company’s activity had been defined:

  • further work on the organozation model, establishment of system and structure of effective management model;
  • implementation of the public system of the managers’ responsibility;
  • evelopment and implementation of a strategy of extension and new standards of production, service and management.

A special attention was paid to construction of AN-178 transport by the contract with Peru.

Possibilities to provide the competitive salary and benefits for ANTONOV’s employee were also discussed.

Brief biography of Oleksandr Los

Oleksandr Los was born in Kyiv on March 5, 1978. In 2001, he graduated from Kyiv International University of Civil Aviation (NAU) in a speciality of airplanes and helicopters constuction, and from NAU’s Institute of Postgraduate Education in the speciality of management of international activity of enterprise.

Since 2002, he has been working at ANTONOV Company. He passed all the career stages from aircraft designer to Vice President on design (2017). He occupied positions of Head of a sector, Deputy head of departnment, Deputy Chief Designer on control systems of aircraft hydraulics and landing gear.

Oleksandr Los is PhD in Technical Sciences. He was awarded with medal “For Labour and Valour” in 2009.

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